As we work with graphic design and art on everyday bases, we wanted to create things, completely free from ‘commercial’ mind, that we could simply celebrate the beauty and fun that shapes and materials have – and SWING was born.
We all have those moments when the sense of ‘self’ blurs the boundaries between roughness and sophistication, minimal and decorative, femininity and masculinity.
And we strive to recreate those moments that ‘self’ swings between these boundaries.

SWING is a small design studio consisting of a designer and an assistant. Taking advantage of that smallness, we create every item with great care while thinking outside the box and challenging new things. We create jewelry combining traditional silversmithing skills and our designer’s knowledge and skills of art and graphic design inspired by contemporary art, music, sub culture and counter culture.

We are always seeking new opportunities where we can utilize our knowledge and skills. Please feel free to contact us if you have any projects we could help.